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What Is SEO And How Do I Increase My SEO Ranking?

What Is SEO?

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Is There Value In Hiring A Company To Fix My SEO?

The most nebulous word on the internet nowadays is “SEO.” Is SEO even a word? A definition coming straight from shows us that this feisty acronym has indeed become a part of our everyday vocabulary! The sad part about this word, along with many others in our dictionary, is that we have no clue what it truly means…


  1. search-engine optimization: the methods used to boost the ranking or frequency of a website in results returned by a search engine, in an effort to maximize user traffic to the site:

EX. The first step in SEO is to generate keywords that are relevant to your site’s content.

Did that help? Now you can possibly see why it is such a hot-button topic to business owners and freelance workers alike: in theory, the frequency in which you are searched (increased traffic to your website) directly translates to leads, sales then delighted customers. Based on this definition too, we all need to figure out how to optimize so that we can run our business effectively.

How to know: What is SEO?

This is the question that burns on everyone’s lips immediately after they get an answer to “what is SEO?” Now we need to know: how to manage this engine? A quick reference from Vsellis’s blog, and from Google’s Search Console Help both show a simple example of what Google calls Black Hat SEO.”  

Bad practices: Blackhat SEO

Illicit techniques that manipulate search engines to try to rank a site higher are considered blackhat techniques that violate our Webmaster Guidelines. Do not pay for links pointing to your site to be placed on the internet with the intent of passing PageRank and manipulating Google Search. These links may be called sponsored links or paid advertising, hidden in HTML, or inserted as optimized anchors in articles, comments, and footers. Learn to avoid such practices on our link schemes page.

Various blackhat techniques have landed websites penalties such as Google removing their site from searches, as well as effectively bumping their site from top organic search results to last. This is not something you want to mess around with.

SEO companies take advantage of your lack of knowledge

Here comes the saddest part. Once the growth-minded business owner and casual freelance worker trusts a company to perform these services monthly, this ongoing service rarely bears good fruit. Why?

  • Because they rank for keywords that have no relevancy or search volume
  • The services that only require a one-time setup are being strewn across a monthly plan (301 redirects, xml sitemaps, etc.)
  • Reports on link building, page ranking and general SEO activity are useless if the goal isn’t being met
  • You know you need to build your online presence, however you have no clue how to do it (as is the case for most people)

Approach optimizing your web presence with a fresh new look


MEO Marketing Engine Optimzation™

Learn and gain from our experience with the exact same companies that have taken advantage of the need to grow your business. SEO is simply a small facet of what is needed to establish and grow on the internet, and in the exponentially lightning-fast web marketing industry, adaption and change are the primary key elements to success online. Building a foundation on Marketing Engine Optimization is the next step in internet marketing.

Marketing Engine Optimization™

The process of evaluating, strategizing, updating (where necessary) and executing a company’s online (digital) and offline (analog) marketing actions.

This is your 10,000 foot view. Included in MEO is Inbound Marketing, SEO, Calls To Action (CTA), Lead Generation, Lead Nurturing, Content Offers, Social Media Marketing (SMM) and Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM) just to name a few things. Everything previously listed will help reach the goal of making money on your website with marketing automation software.

Consider what you currently pay monthly, consider if you are meeting your goals, and finally consider bringing this little bit of literature with you the next time you speak with your SEO company.


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