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Taylor Swift and the Magic of Marketing to Millennials

Taylor Swift and the Magic of Marketing to Millennials

Taylor Swift is a titan in the music world with a strong fan base among millennials. Studying her marketing approach can lead to insights that can help your small business. Kelly Lovell recently wrote an excellent article about Taylor Swift for that provides three helpful takeaways for reaching out to millennials:

1: Use FOMO for Good

FOMO is an acronym for the phrase “fear of missing out,” which Lovell describes as “a powerful force for millennials and stems from the creation of a meaningful community.” Taylor Swift uses FOMO to foster engagement and loyalty. Lovell explains:

“Each album sold includes personalized photos and messages for fans; and, in addition to receiving one of five exclusive polaroid photo sets, fans also receive a special code they can enter to win a personal meeting with Swift. Those who do not purchase the CD miss out on this extra personal memorabilia that they can share with their friends.”

How can you use FOMO to foster engagement and generate social media buzz about your small business?

2: Take the Time to Appreciate Your Customers

Taylor Swift has a strong emotional connection with her fans, enhanced by the effort she makes to personally speak with and learn about them. Lovell explains that, “while special gifts and opportunities are always a bonus, time is still one of the best currencies for appreciation.” She writes:

“Before she released 1989, Swift personally invited 89 fans to each of her homes to pre-listen to her music and provide feedback. In addition to this strong application of FOMO, the hospitality she offered recognized fans for their loyalty and support.” Additionally, at last year’s iHeart Music Awards, Taylor Swift invited “two of her biggest Tumblr fans” to sit at her table.

What can you do to show your appreciation for your loyal customers in a meaningful way?

3: Create Special Experiences

Experiences that bring like-minded people together for a common purpose can create memories to last a lifetime. Lovell sums this up with a wise statement that could be emblazoned on your wall: “the act of creating an experience sells a vision.” As a performer, Taylor Swift is in a prime position to create special experiences for her fans. Lovell describes:

“Marrying FOMO with fan appreciation, Swift’s concerts created the ultimate sense of exclusivity and community. With over 38 different guest performers, including pop star besties like Selena Gomez and industry veterans like The Rolling Stones, Taylor successfully made every concert unique: Each event left fans who attended with an exclusive memory.”

What special experiences can you create for your loyal customers?

However you choose to apply these three takeaways should reflect your brand and appeal to your customers’ interests. Some experimentation might be needed to find the best approach, but your customers will appreciate your sincerity and the effort you put forth to help them feel welcome and valued.

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