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How Small Businesses Use Social Media Sites: Squatty Potty

CEO Bobby Edwards Squatty Potty 600

Perhaps you’ve seen their super-viral mega-hit ad featuring a unicorn, a handsome prince, and soft serve ice cream? Or maybe you’ve seen the auto-tuned remix version? It makes for good background listening (I’m listening to it right now, actually). Squatty Potty is a toilet stool designed to help people defecate in a natural, squatting position. Doing so promotes a healthy colon and creates a quicker, more pleasant bathroom experience. Perhaps the brilliance of Squatty Potty is that it finds the balance between being a healthy product and embracing bathroom humor in its messaging — the humor spreads the word, while the resulting good health provides a foundation for growth.

In the following interview with Bobby Edwards, CEO and Co-Inventor of Squatty Potty, we see the power of social media to create a brand community. Each social media site has its particular strength and allows a small business to monitor and join conversations about its brand and products. The challenge is creating content that inspires people to share and comment. But one of the advantages of having a brand community is that it creates content, as well, which helps keep a brand fresh and relevant.

Q: Which social media sites do you use for your business? How do you use each one and how do they connect viewers to your website?

BE: We have active accounts on all platforms but are most active on Facebook. We have an in-house social expert who plans and creates all posts. I feel it’s important to keep it close and not hire out, so they have a close connection to the heartbeat of who we are as a company. All employees are encouraged to contribute and suggest posts as they feel inspired. It’s a group effort.

Twitter is valuable in finding influencers and chatter about your product. We find that many celebrities are using our product and engage with them through Twitter. Oddly enough most are pleased to talk about their Squatty Potty experiences and are happy to be Potty Mouths.

Instagram is for pretty photos. It’s not just for product photos but for lifestyle, travel, and nature pics. Our offices are located in an outdoor mecca and we are encouraging employees to submit active lifestyle photos for Instagram. We also post fan pics there. Many people are excited to get their Squatty Potty and will submit pics of them opening or receiving. Instagram is a great place to post those.

Our goal is to create a community. We use humor and valuable information as means to connect to our customers. The objective is to make our customers feel welcome and valued. We do this by offering regular giveaways, posting fan-submitted photos, and replying to as many comments as possible. We really do love our Squatty Fans!

Q: How do social media sites help or hamper your business?

BE: We feel like social media is extremely beneficial to our business. Squatty Potty is all about word of mouth. We have very enthusiastic customers and when they share their love of Squatty Potty it just seems to spread. Social media also allows us to monitor our relevance in pop culture.  We know we are doing our job in marketing when people are buzzing about us and bragging on Social. It also gives us the opportunity to interact with our customers on an amazing level. We are able to see what they are saying to their friends about us and we can jump in the conversation. Priceless.

Q: What do you wish social media could do that it doesn’t do at the present time?

BE: We are thrilled with what social media is doing for us currently. I’m sure there are many more new and exciting things to come and we try hard to stay current with developments. Any developments that will allow us to interact and connect more with our customers would be awesome.

Q: What challenges and opportunities do you foresee for small businesses as society goes deeper and deeper into cyberspace?

BE: Society is certainly becoming more entrenched in cyberspace. However, people are still people and they are going to shout it from the cyber rooftops when they find a product that changes their life. And for us, that’s a really good thing. Social media allows our message, and the message of our fans, to spread quickly and with ease. We feel like now is a golden time for businesses like ours. The challenge is being creative enough to come up with stuff that people want to share and engage with. Creating awesome content, that’s the challenge.

Q: Any other thoughts about how social media affects your business?

BE: Social media has provided us with incredible opportunity. We started off building Squatty Potties in our garage, sending product to bloggers and influencers. From that came viral testimonials that put us on the map. We then created a community wherein people feel comfortable to be funny and share their Squatty Potty story. Of course, we hit the jackpot with an incredibly creative and extremely viral video which gave us a huge boost. All in all, social media has been incredible for Squatty Potty. We are going to continue to work hard at making it work for us.

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