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How Small Businesses Use Social Media Sites: RushTix

How Small Businesses Use Social Media SitesRushTix

For those in the Bay Area who wish they went out more, but don’t know where to go, RushTix has recently come on the scene. Founded in 2014, RushTix is the first build-your-own subscription for local arts and culture. Members have access to a regularly updated and curated list of fun things to do in the Bay Area. For example, on any given week they can attend the opera, a Shakespeare play, stand-up comedy, a museum exhibit, a concert, a festival, or historic tour. Options change often enough that surprises are common, keeping members engaged. Plus, for those who take advantage of their membership, the monthly membership fee more than pays of itself. For those unfortunate enough to not live in the Bay Area, take comfort! RushTix is coming your way! It has plans to expand to other U.S. cities in the years ahead, so make sure to get all your binge-Netflix watching in before then. ?

Full Disclosure: My wife and I have been RushTix members for the past year and a half and have greatly enjoyed the expanded options RushTix provides to our Bay Area explorations.

In the following interview with Jill Bourque, Founder and CEO of RushTix, we see that having a social media presence adds credibility to a new business and rewards the innovative with the potential to go viral. We also see, as with other interviews in this series, that each social media site has its specific strength or role to play in a marketing strategy.

Q: Which social media sites do you use for your business? How do you use each one and how do they connect viewers to your website?

JB: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.
Facebook – Posting events, company news
Twitter – Posting events, directly communicating/responding to members and influencers
Instagram – Photos and quotes

Q: How do social media sites help or hamper your business?

JB: They give us another touchpoint and added credibility.

Q: How do you handle Yelp and Google reviews?

JB: We have not had much experience in this yet.

Q: What do you wish social media could do that it doesn’t do at the present time?

JB: Convert to sales. 🙂

Q: What challenges and opportunities do you foresee for small businesses as society goes deeper and deeper into cyberspace?

JB: The challenge is that we’re becoming more of a voyeuristic society becoming disconnected which leads to lack of empathy. And thus it takes more outrageous behavior to get folks to feel anything. Thus, small businesses are more obscure than ever.

The opportunity is that there are multiple channels to engage and with creativity SMBs can find innovative ways to break through.

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