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Infographic: Local Giving is Good For Business


Giving back to the community can create pleasant experiences that unite employees, improve workplace morale, and energize a customer base. However, deciding on a charity or cause can present a challenge for business owners as several objectives need to be satisfied. Prioritizing these objectives can help in managing this challenge and create a worthwhile and memorable experience:

1: First, should be your desire to make a positive impact in someone’s life.
2: Next, is the need to select a cause or charity that appeals to your employees and customer base, so they can get behind and support the cause.
3: Lastly, is the desired effect it will have on your brand.

For example, if you select a cause that your employees and customer base love, but that doesn’t improve someone’s life, then you aren’t really giving back. Or, if you select a cause that improves your brand, but that doesn’t appeal to your employees, then it will lack the power to improve workplace morale. However, if you choose a cause that makes a positive impact in someone’s life, appeals to your employees and customer base, and will impact your brand in the desired way, then you will have success.

To help in the good cause selection process, Adweek recently published an infographic presenting data gathered by DDB U.S. on the giving behavior “of over 6,000 U.S. adults regarding habits, trends and values of those who made charitable donations, either in the form of money, time or goods, over the past year.” Interestingly, their main finding was that “people are more likely to donate to local causes,” suggesting that people want to give in a way that allows them to see a positive impact from their giving.

Here are a few key stats from the infographic:

72% of U.S. adults reported having donated money or goods to a charitable cause in the past year.
49% Would shop at a place more if the company makes donations to local charities (versus 31% who prefer national charities).
74% Would rather give money to smaller charities than to big national charities.
71% say contributing to charitable organizations are important to them.
38% are actively involved as a volunteer for at least one organization.

A way to quickly identify a local charity that could satisfy all three objectives listed above is to find out what charities or causes your employees and customer base are already involved in. With 38% of U.S. adults actively involved as volunteers, you should be able to generate a healthy list of several local causes. From this list, select the one that best matches your desire to make a positive impact in someone’s life, appeals best to your employees and customer base, and helps brand your business.

Happy giving!

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