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How To Promote Your Website Like The Pacquiao Mayweather Fight

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Pacquiao Vs Mayweather FightQ: Who is going to win the fight between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather?


Q: Who is going to win the battle of Internet Marketing between you and your competitor?


ANSWER: It is plain and simple. The one who has put in the most hours of training and self-discipline, right?

Although this may be true, many still enter into one of the most historic and potentially legendary boxing fights of the century, with many questions looming in their heads. You have one man, undefeated and full of pride Floyd Mayweather (47-0) versus the very humble Manny Pacquiao (57-5-2).

Mayweather is notoriously a defensive mastermind, creating opportunities for KO by making his opponents miss and rapidly capitalizing on their mistakes. He has been relentless over the lifespan of his career not only in the ring, but also in his personal life where he shamelessly promotes his lavish and larger than life style.

Contrasting everything that Mayweather is in and out of the ring is Manny Pacquiao. He is a quiet and solemn man, yet incredibly aggressive in the ring. Pacquiao’s southpaw offensive fury explodes in the face of his competitors, with unwavering confidence.

By The BIG Numbers

Regardless of who wins the fight this year, let’s throw down the big numbers that are a result of the incredible promotion and build up of two of the greatest boxers coming together:

  • This fight, being promoted heavily on and off over the past 6 years sold out to the public in less than two minutes last week
  • Seats at the MGM Grand are starting at over $4,000, with some hopeful sellers pricing upwards of $350,000
  • Pay Per View buys are are projected to shatter records with Mayweather earning $150 million and Pacquiao with $100 million
  • Ticket sales top at $40 million

Promote Your Website: Give Your Business A Fighting Chance

Now, wouldn’t you like to promote your website in a similar fashion? Imagine the publicity via traffic and conversions from such recognition! The truth is, you need to think about your web presence as well as your business as a fight that you need to win. This does not mean that you should invest in disruptive marketing approaches (The vast majority of businesses pursue this), take Hubspot Mike Volpe’s word for it:

Even today, marketing departments are investing large amounts of time and energy in producing unsolicited messages that are delivered at the wrong moments. And the harm this is doing isn’t even being considered. When 100 cold calls result in 1 positive response, it means there were 99 other calls in which a great deal of energy was invested and, possibly, 99 occasions on which someone was irritated enough that damage was done to the meticulous work of building the brand’s image.

What we mean by this is there is a no-nonsense way to effectively market your business. We offer you a way to pack a poignant punch to your competition with the inbound marketing methodology. The training and preparation to promote your website requires a sharp usage of blogging, content offers, buyer persona research, dedicated web design & development, etc. When we have set you up to fight the big fight against your rivals, you will be beyond prepared in the most tasteful way possible.

Picture yourself preparing for the fight much like Pacquiao in his speech: remain humble and seek new ways to help others. Win the fight with your words and your actions!



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