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How to Design an Effective Logo

How to Design an Effective Logo

The good people at Siegel+Gale, a fact-based branding firm headquartered in New York City, recently released the results of an online study they conducted to determine what makes a logo successful. Their findings, published under the title LogosNow, shed light “on the impact of memorable logos and how logo...

Banking on Back to the Future Day

Yesterday’s Back to the Future Day lit up social media with fun posts celebrating the long anticipated arrival of Oct 21, 2015 (for real this time). The ‘How well do you know Back to the Future?’ quizzes, the declarations of how we ought to be dressing nowadays, and the...
Bullet screen in China displaying the snark of youth.

Embracing the Snark: A Lesson from China

When I was a young teen growing up in the more innocent world of the 90s, one of the traditions adopted by my group of friends was to go to the dollar theater and make loud, snarky comments throughout a film. Doing something so socially inappropriate felt liberating. While...

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