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15 Ways SEO Is Similar To Dating Part I

SEO Attraction

Have you ever wondered why you aren’t seeing any hot dates (new business) from your website? Well, there is a good reason why. We are about to break down the similarities that SEO Tools (Search Engine Optimization) have with in common with the game of dating. Come along, don’t be shy!


    How to rank in Google Searches?

    How do you get noticed in the dating scene? You shave your face, brush your hair, and prepare yourself to be presentable to the masses. On that same thought, Google will rank its searches by over 200 factors, and after delicate/intentional website preparation, your PageRank (Source: Google. Measure of the importance of a page based on the incoming links from other pages) will substantially increase as you create results that are most relevant to the user. Never come unprepared!


    How long before Google indexes my website or article?

    This is not something that happens overnight. Many live their entire lives searching for “the one.” Your website/article may take time to get noticed. Be patient. That is why we are here to help provide for you the best practices:  Remain consistent, develop new and remarkable content, and as you produce more genuinely good information, you will be surprised at what will come your way (That goes for real advice as well).


    What is “Crawling?” 

    So, you have your eyes set on that special someone? Time to go out on a date! Whether you go to the beach, share a pizza or sing karaoke, it’s time to get to know what makes your crush tick. This is also known as “Crawling” in Googlebot terms. These little bots travel through billions of new and updated web pages to gather information and log it in Google’s index. Basically, Googlebot will take you everywhere and them some on your first date.


    What is “Indexing?” 

    Now that you have been taken out to the Ritz Carleton for a lavish good time (The bar was set high), was there any chemistry? That is also the first thought on a Googlebot’s mind when they search websites for specific attributes to index. You may have caught Google’s attention if you have key content tags such as Title tags and ALT attributes. If you have a webmaster, get them set up with Google’s Webmaster Tools and see how much optimizing can benefit from this resource!


    How old does my domain need to be?

    This is open for debate. Should you date someone older than you or younger? Are they mature or significantly inept in reality? Although some people would argue their answer to their dying breath, Google weighs in and makes the claim that a domain that is six months old versus one that is one year old is really not a big difference at all. Did you notice that they do acknowledge the difference? We did too, however it appears to be very minor in the big scheme of things.


    How do inbound links effect my site?

    Ok, so you are in with this person. The next step to learning more about them, and the path to winning them over requires meeting their best friend. Should you get the opportunity to meet this person, there is a very good chance they will be singing your praises to your interest when its over. Inbound Links are very similar to this, meaning that the more other websites mention you with links to your content and services, the more that you will gain traction with Google, the love of your life. Blog consistent, remarkable content!


    What is On-Page SEO?

    Now maybe I should have mentioned this at the very beginning, but before you get involved in a flourishing relationship, check yourself. What I mean by this is you need to check each page of your website and be sure that you have optimized them accordingly. Much like getting a job, finding a great place to live and maintaining healthy hobbies shows high self assurance and confidence, building your On-Page SEO Tools are not to be taken lightly. This includes the content of your page, the Title Tag, your URL, and Image alt text. Do not overlook these qualities on your webpage, and do not overlook investing in yourself.


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