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The Truth About Targeting Your Buyer Personas

Target Your Buyer Personas

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The Story Behind The Scenes

[one_half]Behind every well-executed and intricately shaped design comes a very purposeful and impactful plan to reach YOU.

Think about it, what does every inspirational marketing campaign seem to have in common? You can see yourself in their story. The message is organically catered for you through a compelling story about people. [/one_half]


Take Dove’s “Choose Beautiful” Campaign for example. Read a little about their campaign below. The number one focus of the company was to place a message into the potential buyer’s hands that they could own. This happens to be an effective example of targeting your buyer personas.

“Would you describe yourself as beautiful? In our latest film Choose Beautiful, we travel to San Francisco, Shanghai, Delhi, London and Sao Paulo to prove that beauty is a choice – and the power of this choice is in your hands…”

What are buyer personas?

A Buyer Persona is a research-based representation of the ideal buyer for a company. They are created in the form of a fictional person. They embody the behavioral characteristics befitting of somebody who needs your product or service (Track Maven).

How is buyer persona research effective?

Focusing on a much different industry, CalEnergy Electrical Corporation has recently accomplished effective design, research and messaging alongside DesignCo Marketing to present to the prospective buyer a package that they too can own. Collin Weiner, president of CalEnergy Electrical has worked to provide a strategy in targeting all advanced lighting control systems customers, but even more particularly, to reach out to those who have a need for the recent Title 24 compliance standards.

Title 24 Standards Google Search

As you could see above, his company has already begun providing value by following best practices in targeting your buyer personas! Value and organic rankings in Google searches are directly correlated to the value that is presented from you to another person.

All that being said, when working to create a new online web presence, there should be certain expectations and goals that you plan to meet. Meaningful design coupled with creating poignant messaging surrounding your company ultimately attracts and converts viewers into customers. If you can manage to keep them satisfied by your services, you have them for a lifetime.

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Before you leave, take a peek at CalEnergy Electrical’s website slideshow above to see if you can find elements such as this highly effective offer:  A quick guide to Title 24 compliance.



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